Меховой холодильник холодный склад для мехов

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About Fur Refrigerator

Fluffy or smooth, a little cool or warming – fur may be different but it is always soft, as tenderness, and valuable, as gold. It is often called "soft gold". People liked furs since the beginning of time. Famous hero of Greek mythology Hercules was wearing lion’s skin on his back. And a tradition to wear warm furs was spread among barbarians. 

Europeans valued furs first of all for its beauty and luxury. Fur skins were presented to foreign kings and noble lords. It is known that the king of France, Louis XVI, who adored muffs, especially like “soft gold”. Fine Russian furs were famous from ancient times. In Ancient Rus fur production was one of main business, but especially vigorously it began to develop after subjugation of Siberia. Russian furs were always highly valued in foreign countries. In world trade Russia took one of first place on fur skins trade.
During many centuries people were trying to find out the best way to store furs. In order to deal with dust, sun light and moth – main enemies of fur, it was cleaned and beaten by sticks. However, such method was not very effective, the same as using naphthalene which changed natural fur color for the worse.

Considerable success in fur storage was achieved by A.M.Mikhailov, the merchant, the supplier of His Imperial Majesty Household. Knowing that fur is well stored at low temperatures, A.M.Mikhailov, the merchant, according to the project of N.G.Lazarev, the engineer, built and in 1912 opened “The First and the Only REFRIGERATOR in Russia, adapted for storing solely furs, dresses and carpets, Moscow, Bolshaya Dimitrovka, 11”.

Today the Fur Refrigerator it is not only furs storage but also the office of fur preparation and repair, and also a specialized dry-cleaner.

It also includes renewed traditions of Russian fur dressers which are continued in fur products made under trade mark Ekaterina.

Fur refrigerator yesterday – it is a rich history, today – it is one of the best fur enterprises of Russia which stores traditions of the past and with that they are not behind modern times.

Fur storage in cool storehouse for furs.

Our experience of fur storage from 1912.

Fur storage is carried out in specially equipped premises - chambers, equipped with respective systems of the certain temperature and moisture maintenance. Full absence of lighting and destructive insects, permanent control of the moisture level allows to achieve a high level of safety and reliability of fur product storage. 

Different furs are high –priced therefore the issue on increase of their operating time while keeping their salable conditions and consumer properties is very actual. The experience of the Fur Refrigerator during many years showed that fine conditions were created here for fur storing.

The cost of furs storage you may find in Price list section or find out when you visit us:
11 Bolshaya Dimitrovka, Moscow
tel: (495) 629-75-43

Storage department is waiting for you every day:
Monday – Sunday: 08:30 – 20: 00
No lunch break!

Fur chemical treatment

Each fur product with the lapse of time needs a renewal by chemical treatment which allows not only to maintain the appearance of your furs but also to improve it. Long-term experience of high-qualified employees of the company and also unique materials used at chemical treatment allow not only to maintain the appearance of your furs but also to improve it. We carry out a chemical treatment of fur products from different types of furs excluding fur products from otter and seal.

We pay your attention that the chemical treatment for sheepskin coats is not provided.

As a rule the term of the order execution makes up to 7 business days.

Approximate cost of the chemical treatment is:
Coat/short coat – 2,250 rubles to 5,900 rubles
Headwear – from 750 rubles to 1875 rubles.

More specific cost of the service you may find out at your visit or you may call us:
tel: (495) 629-75-07
11 Bolshaya Dimitrovka, Moscow

Fur chemical treatment department is available every days:
Monday – Sunday: 08:30 – 20:00
No lunch break!